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About Us

The Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland (“LBCMD”) was founded in 1970. The membership of the LBCMD is comprised of the 66 Black legislators within the Maryland General Assembly, making it the largest state legislative Black Caucus in the nation. The initiative of the Legislative Black Caucus of Maryland is to work to improve the quality of life for Black Marylanders by:


Taking appropriate legislative and administrative action directed toward the improvement of living, working, housing, health and educational conditions of people in respective communities of color;


Stimulating and developing economic growth within Black and minority communities through research and the development of economic tools to stimulate minority-owned and operated businesses.

By drafting and sponsoring legislation to address constituent needs and by examining all bills that affect the black populace, LBCMD acts as a legislative body on behalf of the Black community. The Caucus also presents a Black perspective to the Legislature and advocates public policies that promote Black progress. Additionally, LBCMD serves as a research study group to generate pertinent data in support of appropriate public policies to advance growth and opportunities in Maryland’s Black community and other marginalized communities.

Caucus In Perspective


Current Members


Years Of History


Bills In 2023


2024 Legislative Agenda

Want to know our current priorities? Click to view our 2024 Legislative Agenda.


Our History

Since 1970, our organization has served the interest of our community; and provided opportunities for numerous Black Legislators in the State of Maryland.

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Our Membership

Our Caucus is the largest State Caucus in the Nation. With State Senators and State Delegates aligned, our caucus has strong ties in Annapolis and the community.

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